Factors to Consider When Deciding to Remove a Tree

Climbing arborist inspecting a tree before its removed Trees have always held an important place in the development of human civilization, from the cavemen from thousands of years ago to modern man with all his modern conveniences. With the senseless destruction of thousands of acres of rain forest every year, it is important that we the save the trees we can. What that means is proactively searching for a solution to save a tree and only resorting to cutting it down once all other avenues are exhausted.

Arborists and tree service workers make their living removing trees. Ironically, these tree care specialists will be the first to tell you the only time cutting down a tree will bring them joy is when they are removing a hazardous/dangerous tree that poses a threat to a home or a business.

These are some of the factors that need to be considered when removing a tree. The age of the tree could be the reason because if it is weak or dying than it should be removed. Before the tree care professional considers removing the tree they will examine it first, and determine if there are alternative options.

“Felling a tree is always our last option. If the owner of the tree is on board, we can try several different strategies that would allow us to stabilize the tree, the most common being tree cabling,” said the owner of a tree removal service near Jacksonville Florida. Tree cabling is an alternative solution that involves anchoring steel cable throughout the tree to strengthen certain areas. This route will extend the life of a living tree considerably.

The biggest priority a tree company has is safety. Safety for the property owner’s and safety for the crews. Any tree care service worth its weight should always consider the surroundings where the tree is positioned. There could be people and properties that are present where the tree is located. Safety must be present at all times when tree is being removed. Sometimes a tree is being removed because of its age and the danger that it can cause to the properties or people surrounding it. It is recommended that only professionals complete tree removal so the recommended equipment and tools are being used.

Tree removal cost is typically the biggest priority for the customer. And as they normally find out, it can vary significantly from company to company. The costs vary as well because of the size, width and height of the tree. Tree removal companies have many different ways in charging their customers. This could be according to the expertise, equipment, location of the tree, and the risk that is associated when removing the tree. An example of a risk is electrical lines near the tree. This creates a high risk situation for the workers.

Remember! In some local ordinances you are required to have a permit to cut down a tree. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine. Ask your local tree service if they can assist you with process, as they will be familiar with the local laws.

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What Makes The Job of an Arborist Interesting

Arborist from a local tree service checks for infestation Arborists have an interesting job in a way that they are learning how to take care of the trees. The health and the safety of the trees and plants are their main concerns. Their job as an arborist is not simple because they are continuously learning about every plant and trees that they need to take care. Arborists are environmentalist too that is why they care too much for the trees and other plants. There are responsibilities that they are doing which are so much interesting.

    Here is the list of the responsibilities and other things you need to know about an arborist.

  • Arborist can work with clients like the landscaping companies, gardening ventures, or universities. They are the one organizing the appearance of the plants and the trees inside those places.
  • They also plant and take care of the trees to make it grow healthy for their landscaping clients.
  • They educate their clients on how to properly care different types of species of the trees.
  • Arborist also diagnose and responsible for the treatment of the trees that have insect infestations or diseases.
  • Maintaining and managing trees by pruning and trimming. They assess the trees as well if it needs to be removed due to infected branch or limb.
  • They identify the pests, diseases and the insect infestations that will affect the condition of the shrubs and trees. Arborists are inspecting, assessing and maintaining the health of the trees and the shrubs.
  • They are also responsible in maintaining and managing the equipment, tools and climbing apparatus. They are making sure that everything is working great especially the climbing apparatus so there will be no problem during the trimming of higher or taller trees.
  • They interact with the environmentalists and ecologists in helping each other in protecting the plants, shrubs and trees. There are movements or organizations that are looking out in taking care of the trees by gathering people and educate them on how to.
  • The arborists are also conducting more research to provide guidance and other regulation to the lumber agencies and landscaping companies.
  • They can be also responsible in climbing trees if necessary to make sure that the tree is in good shape and free of danger. They can be also working in the office to provide consultation to others that need help about their garden and how to properly take care of the trees, planting and other landscaping concerns.

All of the responsibilities listed are interesting and it is fascinating to know how they have loved this type of job that can be also dangerous because of climbing trees to trim taller trees. They would also need to make sure that the plants will grow healthy and free of any diseases or pest so they can live longer. It is interesting to see how they are able to manage this kind of job that can make the trees or plants look more attractive and beautiful in every garden in the office or in any other establishments. This must be something that you should be interested about.

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Different Kinds of Tree Care Services

Tree care is important because they are also living things that should have someone to take care of them. The arborists are the main people who take care of them and are responsible in ensuring the health of the plants and trees. There are different kinds of jobs that can be done in taking care of the trees and they are listed below for your reference.

Tree Pruning

Pruning small trees that you can reach the crown of can be done on your own. However if it is already a taller tree that needs to be pruned, it must be the experts you should hire. Large or taller trees require climbing through the use of climbing equipment. This also needs a chain saw and other important equipment needed in tree pruning. This job must be done by an educated, skilled and trained professional for safety.

Crown Reduction

The crown reduction is an operation which will be reducing the head or the crown of the tree. In this operation there will be selected branches on the tree that will be trimmed in order to reduce the height and make it safer. This is not going to affect the appearance of the tree if carefully done.

Tree Removal

The first thing to know in this task is when the tree needs to be removed. When it is going to be considered? The main reason why tree removal is considered is if the tree is dead or if it is dying. It is recommended that the removal of a dead tree be done as soon as possibly as you can because the longer time you wait could cause more decay to set in. This would be much more difficult for the tree care expert to remove the dead tree.

Tree Cabling

This process is securing the cables around the tree to keep it structurally safe and sound. This is to ensure safety or preventing of the branches from falling to the ground which can cause damage to homes, buildings, power lines, people or animals.

Tree Bracing

Tree bracing is similar and related to tree cabling. This is important if the tree or plant’s stems can grow more. This is needed when the tree is vulnerable to breakage because of the heaviness or the weight of its branches. The tree bracing is important as well in keeping it intact to stay away from any damage that it can cause to people, animals and properties.

These are some of the tree care operations that you must know if you plan to plant trees and to know how to continuously take care of them. You can be one of the environmentalists who can campaign the tree care so there will be more trees  saved. By knowing how to carefully take care of the trees, we can be sure that they can live longer. You can start tree care on your own tree in your yard.

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